Chimney Services


Chimney Services

The chimney system is an integral part of the home and should be installed and maintained by certified professionals. When installed improperly or left neglected, your chimney could be a source of serious trouble. Not only is an uncared for chimney a serious fire hazard, but it can also contribute to health problems (by releasing toxic byproducts of combustion back into the home) and energy waste (by allowing expensive conditioned air to escape through the chimney, while bringing outside air down into the home). Is your chimney clean and working the way it should?

Chimney requires maintenance over time. Especially if you burn fires often, you’ll find that wear and tear naturally occurs to both your heating appliance and your chimney. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to keep up with your annual inspections and sweepings.

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What is wrong with my chimney?

Though problems with your chimney, fireplace, or woodstove are sometimes difficult to diagnose without the help of a professional, they often manifest themselves in ways that homeowners can see and smell. If you’ve noticed any of the following, there’s a good chance that all is not well with your chimney:

  • Chimney back drafting (or smoking) in your living space
  • Strong smoky or moldy smell coming from chimney
  • Crumbling brick or mortar
  • Dripping sounds
  • Water in your firebox
  • Water damage to ceiling or walls around chimney
  • Stains on outside of chimney

A safer chimney isn’t the only advantage of having necessary repairs made. We are almost always able to make our customers’ chimneys more enjoyable and more efficient as well, which saves them money and headaches. What are you waiting for? Splendid Construction is happy to give you a fair estimate for getting your chimney in tip-top shape again.

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