Siding Services


Siding Services

Whether you are planning on selling your home or renovating it for the future, replacing or repairing old siding with new vinyl siding can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Our siding services are cost effective and can cut down on maintenance costs and heating and cooling bills. Homeowners can beautify their homes, create more energy efficient homes, while staying within their budgets.

New vinyl siding results are guaranteed to last much longer than traditional aluminum or wood siding! When selecting materials for a siding replacement project, you get to select from a variety of high quality vinyl siding products. Whatever your style, design, or color combination may be, you can rest assured that we have a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Vinyl siding products and services offer all the charm of wood but without the expensive and time-consuming maintenance traditionally required. Thanks to durable and premium materials like vinyl and fiber cement, your home’s siding can effortlessly imitate the look of wood siding, complete with its vertical lines and cedar-like texture.

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Professional siding installation is crucial. If not installed correctly, newly installed siding can buckle, warp, or come apart. That can cost you twice in re-installing or correcting an installation. From vinyl to fiber cement siding, we have the experience and expertise in installing all siding professionally!

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The siding of your home is the most noticeable part. But its job is also to protect the home from the elements. If your siding is in good condition than your home is well taken care of.

With our expert siding installers, you can rest assured your siding renovation will be completed professionally and with the highest quality materials.

Siding offers your home a fresh new face. It is installed on the exterior walls of your house and gives you a versatile array of décor options that will make your home look newly built. Furthermore, it requires significantly less upkeep, eliminating the need for constant repainting or other laborious tasks. When it comes to quality siding, your exterior home improvement experts at Splendid Construction have what you need.

Roofers by trade, we have developed an expertise in total home exterior upgrades. Our design consultants can help you find the perfect siding product for your home and our installation technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of completing your install quickly and accurately.

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